August 03, 2018, France


BOW TECHNOLOGY, a brand created by and for demanding users

Because we use them, we know a lot more about them !

The "BOW TECHNOLOGY" success is the result of SETIC long experience  in designing and manufacturing double twist machines.

Satisfied with the bows equipping the SETIC machines, customers requested the same level of technology for their other machine brands.

SETIC, founded in 1948 and taken over by the Gauder Group in 1987, decided to create in 2003 an internal dedicated department to answer the market needs.


High-technology customized bows are defined and built around the final product :

  • Moulded
Moulded Scheme for bow Bow scheme
  • Flat
Flat scheme for bow Flat scheme for bow
  • Closed-design
Closed design scheme for bow Closed design scheme for bow


The result ? A full range of state-of-the-art bows for :

  •  pairing/quadding of insulated wire (high speed equipment)
  • automotive or special bare copper conductors (bunchers 630 / 800 mm)
  • copper/aluminium cords (large double twist cablers/stranders 1000 / 1250 / 1600 / 1800 mm)